Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pouring It

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I had 6 steps in this long footing, so I poured it in 7 pours. Here is Kenny on the float, Roger on the vibrator, and me on the chute. I used a plasticized mix to achieve a slump of 6 (on the runny side). That made it easier to pour. I don't ever add water to a mix. Bad. Against God.

At each step I put a form. Because I poured every day, I had to put in each step's form in the dark just before the pour. Notice the red duct-tape flags that mark how high to pour the concrete.

The milky-white stuff on the footing is cure. Cure keeps the concrete from drying out too quickly. Concrete needs water to achieve full-strength.

                             .                                          .                                                  .

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