Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rebar Phase

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This is Gun Girl, aka Mrs. UC. She's using this Sokkia SET3A total station and HP48GX data collector to stake out the points I need to place the rebar.

I'm using this prism reflector to set points at the bottom of the footing. Ladies, don'cha wish your husband was hot like me? Don'cha?

These feathers are face-of-wall and the orange paint marks are for the 1'-on-center rebars.

After the footing mat is done, I put the 4x4's across to support the vertical wall steel. Notice the rebar is "chaired-up" with those plastic rebar chairs.

Vertical wall rebars attached to the template, or steel rack. I put 3" dobies under the verts to separate them from the dirt.

Where the wall height is above 5', the footing width goes from 4' to 8' wide. The dirt bank is constantly crumbling, so I'll have to clean out caved-in dirt before the concrete is poured.

There are 6 steps in this footing. Each step is 1'-6". Those bars that look like they're just laying there are to tie the bottom of the vertical wall bars together.

Next step: The Pour.

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