Sunday, March 6, 2011

Consenting Subjects

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The abundance of campaign signs littering lawns prior to every election are not the sign of an enlightened, free society; they are the sign of a mentally and physically enslaved society, bickering over which slave master they want holding the whip.

Any "government" that had the consent of its subjects would not need, and would not have, "law" enforcers.

How, for example--whether you call it "theft" or "taxation"--would those in "government" acquire the right to forcible take property from those who have earned it? No voter has such a right. So how could voters possibly have given such a right to politicians? All modern statism is based entirely on the assumption that people can delegate rights they don't have. Even the U.S. Constitution pretended to grant to "Congress" the right to "tax" and "regulate" certain things, though the authors of the Constitution had no such right themselves and therefore could not possible have given such a right to anyone else.

Whether the issue is math, morality, or anything else, there is a huge difference between trying to determine what is true and trying to dictate what is true. The former is useful; the latter is insane. And the latter is what those in "government" pretend to do every day.

In the long run, there is no such thing, and can be no such thing, as "limited government," because once someone is accepted by others as a rightful master, and believes himself to have the moral right to rule, there will be nothing and no one "above" him with the power to restrain him.  ...[snippage]...  The Constitution is a perfect example of this: a piece of parchment which purported to grant very limited "authority" to certain people but which utterly failed to stop those people from going beyond those limits, creating something that eventually grew into the most powerful authoritarian empire in history.

Because a police officer is supposed to "enforce the law," and a soldier is supposed to follow orders, their own values and intentions get trumped by the agendas of those giving the orders. Notwithstanding the military recruiting propaganda encouraging young men and women to join up to fight for truth and justice, the true job of a soldier is to kill whomever the masters tell him to kill. It is as simple as that. How many Americans would, on their own, choose to go to foreign lands and kill complete strangers?

In the United States, about 100,000 IRS employees extort about 200,000,000 victims. Those being robbed outnumber the robbers by about two thousand to one. This could never be accomplished by brute force alone; it continues only because most of those being robbed feel a duty to be robbed, and imagine such robberies to be legitimate and valid.

If the Nazis had had to physically carry each Jew, dead or alive, to the gas chambers or crematoriums, the level of murder would have been dramatically lower. If every slave sold into bondage had refused to work, there would soon have been no slave trade. If the IRS had to calculate the tax due and then directly take it from each "taxpayer," there would be no more federal "taxation." In short, if the victims of authoritarian extortion, harassment, surveillance assault, kidnapping, and murder simply stopped assisting in their own oppression, tyranny would crumble.

Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

Breathtaking, isn't he? I'd like to party with this cowboy! Buy his book Here.

OK, let's review our options:

Option #1:  Do nothing.

Option #2:  Do something.

In the "something" category, lots of bloggers advocate open revolt. I have a problem with the whole "tree of liberty" thing. Telling me to sack up and stand my ground for freedom is not helpful. Freedom can't be organized. Only tyranny can. Any attempt to throw off current masters will only lead to new masters. I reluctantly comply with the demands of the masters, not because of a lack of courage, but from a realistic assessment of my odds of being killed or caged. Sorry if that bothers you. The only currently viable option for freedom seekers is to sleep on a "concrete pillow 'neath the overpass." Perhaps another option would be to endlessly sail the ocean, an outcast. But how would you get your green veggies without putting to and paying taxes at a grocery store? And buying a seaworthy boat entails earning taxable income. You're back to square one.

The only hope for freedom-lovers is that enough humans come to the conclusion that government is not legitimate. Yeah, that'll happen.

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  1. Holding.... My....... Breath............................ GASP!

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Had the same effect on me, too.


  3. The problem is most would re-elect the same tyrants they had before.

    Not many fellow 'Merikans' worth dying for these day.

  4. Hi sth_txs,

    Isn't it surprising how few rascals get turned out in an election?



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