Sunday, March 20, 2011

Expended Freedom

BULLHEAD CITY — It wasn’t the driver-license test that leads to an era of expended freedom, but kids were learning lessons Saturday at Walmart that could prove useful in the future. Link.

"Expended freedom". Ha Ha. Rodd Cayton, the reporter that penned the above article, is either incompetent or a mole for freedom. You decide.
Bullhead City is the nearest Big City to me. I live in the armpit of America. Mrs. UC calls it the GFFHH, the God-Forsaken-Fucking-Hell-Hole. But even here in the armpit, members of the Police State made sure that "about 90 kids aged 3 to 10 got their bikes registered." Nice, obedient slave children, and thanks to their parents, these kids will never have to fear the animating contest of freedom. Useful lessons, indeed.

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  1. How in the heck do you "register" a bike?

    Here in Indiana, you can't even register anything with a motor smaller than 50cc. (Hence the nickname for 49.9cc scooters: "DUI mobiles".)

  2. Hi Tam,

    I have no idea. My bike remains, always and forever, unregistered. If they want my bike, they'll have to pry it out from under my cold, dead butt.



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