Monday, March 21, 2011

Flashlight Rant

This is the Coast Tacticool Focus Beam LED flashlight. About a year ago, I bought one at Home Despot. $50, it was. It blew me away; I'd never seen such a powerful, compact, solid flashlight, with an LED bulb that doesn't burn out and 3 AAA batteries power it seemingly forever. When I bought mine, Coast flashlights were made in Germany, and everything about them screamed quality--even gold-plated contacts on the switch.

Fast-forward to today. Cheap Chinese knock-offs drove the price of LED flashlights down. So Coast did what every business does, moved to China and cheapened the shit out of their products. Now the switch jiggles and the light dims if you don't hold it just right. And they just don't feel solid anymore.

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  1. I work in the service industry using a flashlight everyday. I am not going to use coast flashlight anymore due to poor quality,mainly the switches go bad after a few months.

    1. Coast used to make their flashies with gold-plated switches. That is obviously not so anymore. Let me know if you run across a quality flashlight.



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