Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Stuff From BartCop

 Subject: Hillary & Testosterone (Joe Klein)

Bart -

I'd just like to point something out that most of male-oriented western civilization seems to have missed.

When people say, "sack up", "grow a pair", "get some cajones", etc.... they're referring to the male scrotum.
The weakest part of any genitalia in our species. An organ that attempts to crawl back into a man's body at
the slightest breeze or drop in temperature, and can render a man totally incapacitated with a bump.

On the other hand, the female vagina can stretch to 15x it's normal size to accommodate the birth of
a human, then shrink back to normal retaining it's elasticity. Females are also biologically designed with
a far higher tolerance of pain. We have to be.

So for Hillary and the girls having the VAGINA to make hard decisions comes as no surprise to most females.
Most of us do that on a daily basis raising children, running a family, and putting up with men. We just don't
feel the need to run around flexing our estrogen.

I think the proper term should be VAG UP and GROW A VAGINA.

Pussies are a hell of a lot stronger than a ball sack.
Just sayin...


I'm reminded of what James Carville said in 2008:
"If Hillary gave Obama a testicle, they'd each have two."

Bartcop is a lefty blog, and I disagree with Bart on most things. But he puts up a great blog with lots of funny stuff. 

(Carpenter's note: I lean neither right nor left, but at my own rakish angle.)

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