Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Posting Problems

I keep getting "Form Errors" when I try to post. I can't cut-n-paste text, use links, put up pictures, or make quotes. This is a new development, something I haven't run across in over 400 posts. I'm trying to get something going on my WordPress blog that I started in April 2008. Back then WordPress was too tough to figure out, so I went with Blogger. I don't have patience or time for learning something new, so I probably just won't blog until later on in the year. Right now I'm hugely busy.

The only thing that's changed lately is my browser. I upgraded Firefox to 4.0, which totally sucked, made everything harder, and added close to a dozen extra steps, coming and going. So I started using Chrome. Chrome is an easy, no bullshit browser that works well, but perhaps it's the cause of my problems.

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