Tuesday, March 22, 2011

War Party

"We anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not in a matter of weeks," Obama told a news conference during a visit to Chile. He did not spell out which nation or organisation would take charge...   Link.

Obama is awesome. He can launch a war and party like it's 1999 at the same time. Notice that Obammy always uses the royal "We". No need for you little people to bother your silly little heads about any of this. Obammy is egalitarian, too. He lumps Congress in with the little people. Didn't even bother to tell your "representatives" about his plan to launch another quagmire.And don't worry about the cost of Tomahawk cruise missiles, carriers and Harriers, and a nice long quagmire. Congress will send us the bill, as soon as Obammy jets back to the land of the free.

...the firepower of more than 130 Tomahawk cruise missiles and attacks by allied warplanes have not yet succeeded in accomplishing the more ambitious demands by the United States — repeated by President Obama in a letter to Congress on Monday — that Colonel Qaddafi withdraw his forces from embattled cities and cease all attacks against civilians.

[British Prime Minister] Cameron said there were no plans to target Gaddafi. "The U.N. resolution is limited in its scope, it explicitly does not provide legal authority for action to bring about Gaddafi's removal from power by military means," he told parliament. Same Link.

Competing ruling classes, including the American rulers, are content to watch their respective pawns slaughtering each other by the thousands, but it has long been the official policy of many "governments," including the U.S. "government," not to attempt to kill foreign "rulers"--i.e., the ones most responsible for making the war happen. In truth, the most moral, the most rational, and the most cost-effective means of defense against any invading "authority" is the assassination of those who command it.

With the above quote, two names come to mind. Two insane motherfuckers that can't be reasoned with.

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