Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WordPress Wordplay

I'm playing with Wordpress, which I tried back in 2008 but gave up on because it seemed impenetrably difficult. I haven't played with any bells and whistles yet, but here's my "alternate" blog.

I got the notion to retry WordPress from Mayberry. He got fed up with problems at Blogger.

In this post, at least, links seem to work without getting the damn "form errors" message.


  1. I guess you scared Blogger, now your posts aren't cut off on the left side like they had been : )

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    I didn't know about the left side being cut off. That's probably because of the Time Widget I put in the side bar. It doesn't fit very well.

    After you posted a comment on my other blog, I nosed around and found out where to turn off moderation. I don't get many trolls. I also relaxed the number of hoops needed to jump through to leave a comment.

    Your comment section on your new blog is nice. Easy to comment and very readable.

    WordPress is still unfathomable to me, but maybe over time I'll get used to it.


  3. Oh good. Yeah, Wordpress is a little more "involved". I'm still wading through it all. But at least it doesn't eat my posts!

  4. Been there, done that.
    WordPress can lick my nuts.

    LOL! confirmation word is "psyco".

  5. Hi Busted,

    WordPress seems greatly improved since I tried it 3 years ago and told it the same. I'll give it a go for a bit, seeing as Blogger has decided not to accept my posts.



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