Saturday, April 23, 2011

Retainer Wall

Ha, ha, Blogger! I just post at WordPress, then cutting-n-pasting works here without getting that nasty "form errors" message. Cross-posting, I guess you call it. Anyway, my other blog at WordPress is Here.

It's hard to get the whole wall in one shot. Click to embiggen. The sack-n-patch is done. Now I just have to wire-brush the rusting steel strips, paint, and backfill. The pile of scrap lumber (hidden by the tree) is spoken for. A friend of mine will use it next winter in his wood-burning stove.
I'm planning on putting colored gravel in the center section. I'm not really looking for any more yardwork, like ground-cover plants, bushes, or more trees. But before that gets done, I need to run some conduit to the Astro-Table and run some water lines, valves, and a timer, to automate the irrigation of the trees.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Country With Laws

"This is more like a crime gang's behavior than a country with laws." Link.

Ai's older sister, Gao Ge

With laws, huh? Kinda like here?

Links weren't working at my WordPress Blog this morning, so I thought I'd post this here as well. At least the link button is working for now at Blogger. But I still had to hand type in this text. When I try to cut-and-paste I get the "Form Errors" message. And the quote button isn't working right either. 

I'm tempted to get my own damn website. Free blogs ain't worth it right now.

Later this afternoon: I've just spent the last hour trying to fix this post. No go. I give up on Blogger.