Friday, May 20, 2011


Finishing things up around here. Seems like it took forever. 5 years or so to 100%.

I was glad that I could get John to bring over his loader. It would have taken me forever to do this with a wheelbarrow. I had a small mountain in the back yard that John scooped out of.

Here's John, dumping another load of dirt. John is 83 years young and probably won't ever stop working.

This is the end of the retaining wall after I raked the dirt around a bit and "randomly" placed a few large rocks.

This is called "rip rap." I just had to throw some style into it.

It doesn't look like much in this shot, but the wall is over 200' long and it's tough to find the right angle to get it all in a picture.

I took about 50 pictures today, and this is the best one of our house.

Charlie isn't really a lap dog, but he tolerated this photo shoot. His reward was a piece of banana.


  1. Nice! And it's always good to have friends with front end loaders : )

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Yep. He still charged me $90/hour. Diesel ain't cheap.

    I told John to worry about the big picture, and anything within 10 feet of his piles I'd handle with a shovel. The shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow have been my constant friends for the last 3 weeks. A sturdy pair of leather gloves helps, too. :-)



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