Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be It Ever So Humble

Casa de Underground Carpenter. Click to embiggen.


  1. Dave,
    You have an absolutely amazing place. I see from your recent posts that you are working on outdoor projects now. Does that mean that the interior is complete now? As I toil away on my own little place, I imagine the massive amount of labour that it must have taken to build your place.

  2. Hi Muddome,

    Thanks for your kind words. The house itself took 2-1/2 years to build. I mostly worked alone. Then I had to go back to work for a while before we could afford the outside stuff. I didn't know that the economy was going to crash so hard after I finished the house. That 2-1/2 years was during the biggest part of the Vegas building boom. Regrets, I've had a few.

    Because Mrs. UC was a little hesitant on the unusual construction, I made her a promise that if there was anything not to her liking, I would tear it out and re-do. She took me up on it. She said her kitchen sucked, would I please remodel it. What could I do? I tore out the cabinets and we ordered new(er) ones. Fortunately, we found a place for every one of the torn-out cabinets. It took me a few months of weekend work, but that completed everything on the inside.

    Nobody ever really finishes a house. They just decide that things are "good enough".

    I would imagine that your weather is now allowing you to build full-steam-ahead. If you love building as much as I do, you're probably grinning ear-to-ear right now.


  3. Dave,
    I do love building. It's been a long cold winter, but I'm back at it full speed. I'm grinning like the butcher's dog.
    I think that's a good plan to give the wife the final say. That's how I operate too and it's working out pretty good for me.


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