Tuesday, May 3, 2011

House Painting and Carpentry

The latest artwork from David Dees.
I have a few questions. The news reports say Obammy “authorized” the killing of OBL. Where in the Constitution does it say that a president can order a house painting? And did the SEALS also do their own carpentry?
Why didn’t Obammy order a “capture”, then “oopsie”, we accidentally shot ere-body in da house. Wouldn’t it have looked more “American” to say we tried to bring OBL back for a hanging trial?
Several reports said that DNA “confirmed” it was Mr. Nasty himself. If they haven’t been able to find him for the last decade, how did they have a sample of his DNA to compare?
Well, I gotta go now. I’m plum tuckered out from dancing in the streets, you know, celebrating murder justice.

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