Monday, May 9, 2011

Trenches, Conduits, and Water Lines

Trenches are dug, conduits and pipes are in and pressure-tested. Today I backfill the trenches.
It took a week to hand-dig these trenches, and I hated every minute of it. The ground here is dense gravel with boulders–as ugly as digging gets.
Manual valves for irrigation. I decided against automatic timer valves. Too much money. The valve closest is for 4 trees and 12 bushes, the entire extent of our need-to-water plants. The further valve is for a future squash/melon garden, which may or may not happen this winter. These valves will get a cover. The grey conduit that says “irrigation” was going to be for wiring the timed valves, but I though it added needless complication and cost to this project, so that conduit will remain empty. I’m going to add an anti-siphon valve in the house. Then I’ll be able to water without stepping outside and risking bites/stings by reaching inside the valve box. It’s a certainty that there will be either black widow spiders or scorpions inside the valve box within a month.

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