Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dry Bones In A Dry Season

I just like the title. It stays with me. Seems to fit the times. The title is lifted from an essay by Richard Mitchell. But plagiarism aside, I digress.

I haven't worked much in the last couple of years. Maybe construction will come back, maybe not. If construction does make a comeback, the first industries to feel the revival will be surveying and civil engineering. And like Garrison Keillor's story about the husband waiting in the "V" of the bed for his wife to join him in sex, there I'll be, waiting. I bought a laptop with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 from a civil engineering firm that had fallen on hard times. Then I bought a half-dozen books on Civil 3D. So I haven't been sitting on the couch watching Oprah. The above is a screenshot of part of my footing drawing for the new Las Vegas City Hall building, which I worked on last year. I used this drawing to calc layout points for the footing dig.

This screenshot is the street centerline points for the same LV City Hall building. In another week or two I'll go back to work for a couple of months, and these points, which I got from the project surveyor, are what I need to calc points for the first-up project, footings for the Photo-Voltaic "Trees" going in front of the building. After that, bollards and sidewalks and steps. In addition to laying out the locations of these outside features, I'll also be slugging in stakes and doing formwork. After all, I am a carpenter.

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