Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Freezer Door Handle

The plastic handle on our Frigidaire freezer broke. I found a place on the Innertubes that sells appliance parts that had the right handle in stock, but they wanted $32 plus shipping. Mrs. UC said, "Screw that! You're a carpenter, right? Make a damn handle!" So here's what I made.

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  1. You got a problem there UC, that is NOT an EPA, Dept of Consumer protection approved device.

    You obviously did not do multi-million dollar feasibility studies and testing either.

    For shame, UC, for shame...........

  2. Hi cranky_yankee,

    You're right. I'm so ashamed of myself!


  3. Think of the children!

  4. Hi Brass,

    (Carpenter wipes back a tear.) Yes, we must always think of the children.



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