Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Civil 3D--Point & Label Styles, Deskeys, and Groups

Move on. Nothing to see here. Just let me blather on. I'm moving a project from AutoCAD 2008 Land Desktop to Civil 3D 2010. In an effort to firm up my understanding of how styles, point groups, description keys and layers collide, I followed the recommendations of an article on Edward-James Surveying, Inc's website. The particular article I read is Here.

Start with the Point Styles. Set the Marker and Label to Layer 0. Everything else set to ByLayer.


Set up your Label Style(s) and set the Layer to 0 again. Notice I've got two Label Styles that display the Point Number only. The 0.10 means 1/10" high letters. The 0.05 Style is for letters 1/20" tall, for when the points get dense or your plot is just a small portion of the total drawing.


Next up, Description Keys. When I import my points from the other drawing, I want them to land in different layers, so that I can turn those different layers on or off, to show or not show the information I'll be conveying in the drawing. Any drawings I make will be either for me or my layout partner, so I won't have to big-deal the drawing.


For any points that the Deskeys don't catch, setting up a default layer will herd the stragglers onto a Misc Points Layer. Notice the Deskeys are enabled.


In theory, I won't have to make any point groups, although I might group points together just to make exporting easier to my data collector. But I should be able to control visibility to my satisfaction without making any Point Groups.

My biggest complaint of Civil 3D is this process of Layer visibility that is supposed to make the program flexible, but I think makes it almost impossibly complicated.


Here's a screen shot of my drawing in 2008 LDT.

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