Friday, August 19, 2011

How Many More Have To Die?


BULLHEAD CITY — A 64-year-old woman died as a result of a fire in a local mobile home park.
Bullhead City Fire Department reports indicate the woman was trapped in a mobile home in the Carefree Resort RV park, 350 Lee Avenue, after the residence caught on fire. Neighbors managed to extricate her from the home but when rescue personnel arrived, they discovered her unresponsive. She was taken to Western Arizona Regoinal Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead Wednesday evening.
The fire destroyed one mobile home and badly damaged another. Two neighbors who attempted to rescue the victim suffered smoke inhalation, but refused medical treatment at the scene.
Mohave Valley Daily News

Why, oh why, do people continue to live in shelters made of flammable sticks? Year after year, people will pay any price for fire insurance and a fire department, but damn few see the irony. The above story is a weekly occurrence here in Mohave County. Sad.

Posted by Dave


  1. I always heard you have 12 seconds to get out before the fumes render you unconsious. When we had the mobile home up in the mountains, I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, BY THE DOOR.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Sounds like a wise thing to do. I can't imagine a more horrible death than to be trapped in a burning home.


  3. While we have no shortage of mobile homes down here, the "site built" houses aren't much better. Basically the same thing but sitting on a concrete slab. Slabs which are now breaking left and right due to the drought shrinking and shifting the ground. Only the gub'ment has them fancy cee-ment buildings. Them and the hospitals. Bid'ness folk have been reduced to pre-fabbed metal buildings, fine things to have on the salty coast...

  4. Hi Craig,

    Mohave County, Arizona is the land of trailers. Most live in travel trailers. The wealthy live in double-wides. A "stick-built" house on a slab is rare around here. And regular as clockwork, one of the above burns to the ground every week. So sad, so needless. If I wasn't fairly handy with concrete, I'd go with the pre-fab steel buildings. Or at least use steel studs instead of wood.



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