Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Purpose of Shelter

Got to sandbag it up. Yo diggity.


It's a shame that we build homes to flee FROM instead of TO. Sturdy homes built on high ground, homes that can withstand earthquakes and tornadoes, homes that don’t need insurance. Materials like concrete, brick, rammed earth, steel studs and sheetrock. Sigh.

Posted by Dave


  1. Ha Ha There you go thinking again! Dave it really is kind of stupid to run away from your castle,instead of to it! Hopefully I can find a little piece of land out where they don't have zoning boards and other bureaus yet!


  2. Hi China,

    Home builders spend more on building-code compliance and making a home "pretty" than they do on making it strong enough to stand up to nature. Good luck finding a place in the US where there aren't myriad zoning and building departments telling you what to build. Isn't it ironic that these "officials" tell you how to build a home and then when a storm hits they tell you to get the hell outa there.


  3. Seems to me there's a difference between modern "homes" and shelter.
    The modern American "home", whether urban condo or suburban tract McMansion, imho, are more a vehicle to enrich "real estate developers" and "home builders" than providing a durable family shelter.
    This curmudgeon, for one, was happy to see the madness stop when the most recent housing bubble burst.

  4. Hi Art,

    I've got mixed feelings. As a carpenter, I sorely feel the loss of jobs, and at the same time I'm totally opposed to the way America has been asphalted-over with a sea of tacky tract homes.



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