Friday, September 16, 2011

The Cause of a Fire

This is the saddest thing imaginable--A mother loses her son.


BULLHEAD CITY — Bullhead City Fire Marshal Jim Dykens said he’s getting closer to determining an exact cause of the fatal fire that claimed the life of a 2-year-old boy in south Bullhead City Monday morning, but he said he needs a little more time to be absolutely certain.

Jim Dykens is waisting his time. Every damn week another trailer burns here in Mohave County, Arizona. The cause is ALWAYS the same--a dwelling made of flammable sticks.

Posted by Dave


  1. Manufactured homes ... are a racket.
    'Round these parts, they collected 'em into "senior citizen" parks. They look like homes, however, the substandard materials combined with unbelievably shoddy construction practices are criminal.

  2. Hi Art,

    It's certainly criminal to sell these deathtraps. It also goes to show how incompetent the building department is. Instead of banning these shoddy tinderbox ovens, they require smoke detectors be placed in them. Not my definition of "shelter."


  3. And they always get the worst of it during our tornado season. It is almost as though the twisters hone in on them.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Wood is the poorest material to make a house out of. It burns, termites chew it, and in a tornado it flies into the air. What a shame that we build homes to flee FROM instead of TO.


  5. "What a shame that we build homes to flee FROM instead of TO".

    Really, an excellent comment. Here in the South, poverty had a lot to do with it; wood was simply the cheapest and most readily available material. I guess today it is somewhat better with some of the composite materials, for those who do use Hardiboard. But you're right -- real wood is termite and mold and mildew fare.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I've alway associated Florida with rich retirees, but I guess you have pockets of poverty there just like we do here in 'Zona. And people gotta live somewhere, even if they can't afford a safe, well-built home.

    I haven't kept up on prices lately, but when we built our house 4 years ago, steel studs were much cheaper than wood studs. Straighter, too, stronger connections and less waste. And termites go "Ptooey!" if they try to chomp a steel stud. I don't know why framing lumber is even sold anymore. A lot of the way we build is because "That's the way we always done it."

    Unfortunately, a tornado-liberated trailer will be usually be replaced with another trailer of the same quality.



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