Friday, January 6, 2012

By The Light Of The Focally-Reduced Moon (2)

I was going to get some moonset shots this morning, but I screwed up. I failed to consider where the moon was going to set, and it set on a retainer wall instead of the lovely, distant mountains. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night.

Click to embignify. This photo was taken this morning when the moon was fairly high in the sky. The best moon shots will be had when the moon is directly overhead; less atmosphere to distort the view. I played with this shot in Nikon Capture 2 by selecting "unsharp mask" and putting the intensity at almost 100% and the radius at 50%. The threshold I left alone. As you can see, the picture looks "grittier", but sharper.

Posted by Dave


  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks. I've got some pieces-parts coming in the next week that'll allow me to hook up an autoguider. I'll be going after nebulas and galaxies. You're gonna see some shit then.



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