Monday, January 9, 2012

Moon Slice

I think the thin crescent moon is about the prettiest thing in the sky. This shot is from December 27 of last year.

This was taken with an 80mm Orion telescope and my Nikon D3000. ISO 200 and shutter speed of 1/20 second. I have heavily edited this photo in Nikon Capture 2. I rotated, cropped, and sharpened.

Posted by Dave


  1. I like that moon because the fish are biting : )

  2. Hi Craig,

    So the fish don't like the light of the full moon? I only went fishing once when I was a child, but I still have pleasant memories of it. These days I do my fishing at Sam's Club, where the fish come from "farms". Sigh.


  3. They love the full moon. They'll feed all night and into the early morning or start late evening, depending on when moonrise/set is.


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