Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clone Stamp Tool

Our hero, UC, approaches cautiously, with trepidation, as he opens up blogger to find that things have changed. Instinctively, he cringes, as he reads:

"Blogger’s taken on a whole new look: A clean, sleek interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience."

Mrs. UC and I spend a few days nosing around in Silver City, New Mexico. They have cool license plates, very colorful. I thought it an invasion of privacy to just throw a picture of someone's plate on the Innertubes, so I had to discover a way to change the picture. Normally, most people would just black out(redact) the part of the picture that they wanted to shield. Not good enough for me. I wanted a better way. I asked Mrs. UC for ideas, and here's what she showed me--a cool thing in Photoshop CS3 called the Clone Stamp Tool. So I deleted a couple of characters and scrambled the rest.  Isn't this a pretty plate?

This gorgeous turquoise plate is a centennial plate. Almost makes me want to move there to get one. Same as the above pic, I changed the characters.

Just for the record, I think license plates are a symbol of extortion and slavery.

P.S. Blogger's "new interface" isn't as bad as some of my Blogger Pals said. Just moved some stuff around, kinda like the yearly supermarket remodel where they switch some of the aisles around. And just like the supermarket remodel, nothing's improved. You just have to figure out where they moved the buttons to.

Posted by Dave


  1. That grocery store crap pisses me off to no end. My objective at the grocery store is to run in, KNOW right where the things I need are, grab them, and get out ASAP. When they rearrange things I become VERY unhappy. I hate searching for stuff, and I really hate the grocery store...

    1. Hi Craig,

      I just typed out a really long reply and Google tossed it. I don't have a memory, so I don't remember much of what I wrote. I'm sure it was brilliant. Oh well.

      Something about agreeing with you, and that you and I can't be that much different than their other patrons. I suspect that when they move shit around, they lose money, because pissed-off customers aren't in a mood to buy.

      Note to self: Use a text editor to write stuff; then copy-paste it into comments.


    2. On Blogger I always copy my comment before posting, especially if it's a long one. Had too many eaten by Google, and nothing pisses me off worse than wasted time. Which goes back to my original comment : )

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  3. I love the turquoise and yellow combo -- very cheery :)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    That turquoise plate is to die for!

    One thing I noticed about the "new" Blogger is that you can now reply to individual comments, something WordPress has had forever. Other than that, it's just the same old rearrangement of buttons that's always trumpeted as "new."

    I typed this comment in TextEdit, Apple's text editor. Then I copy-pasted into comments. Fool me once.



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