Friday, May 4, 2012

Silver City, New Mexico

A recent trip to Silver City, New Mexico. It's a delightful small town, full of interest.

Here's an iconic building on the "main drag."

Some back-alley grafitti.

This is the main point of interest in Silver City, The Big Ditch. Back in 1895 a flood raced down the main street, carving a 35-foot deep gulley. Less than ten years later another flood finished carving the ditch all the way down to bedrock, about 55-feet below street level. So now it's a park with bridges crossing in two places.

Patios galore overlook The Big Ditch.

What would any bridge be without grafitti? Well-drawn letters, no?

Anecdote time:
We inquired at the Chamber of Commerce if perchance there was a Starbucks in Silver City. The kindly lady at the desk said, "A Tenbucks here? No, Dearie, we make our own coffee."

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