Friday, May 4, 2012

Suburbs of Silver City, New Mexico

Nosing around the Silver City area, we turned northward first, to Piños Altos, which is on the edge of Gila National Forest and also on the Continental Divide Line.

Piños Altos is a rustic place of cabins and steep lots. I didn't take any postable pictures there.

Back to Silver City, then eastward. On the way out of town, we saw these delightful greenhouses. Clicking on the picture will make it big enough to read the telephone number so that you can buy one.

This is the coolest thing we saw in Hurley, New Mexico. They know front entry covers in Hurley!

This is the enormous Santa Rita Copper Mine near Hanover. Lots of 2-story-tall dump trucks running around in here.

More pix soon. I'm just getting started. Between Mrs. UC and me, we probably snapped a thousand photos on our trip to New Mexico.

Posted by Dave


  1. Looks like some really beautiful country. Would love to go over that way some day... Oh, and the graffitti is much nicer there too : )

    1. Hi Craig,

      I've got a yen to see more of this country, you know, before the SHTF. A million things conspire--a carsick dog, my refusal to fly, work, money, etc...



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