Saturday, July 14, 2012

Phase Two

Not all of my ideas work out. Case in point is my front door. I thought insetting it 2 feet (front wall is 2' thick) would shelter it enough from sun and rain. No go. The door, a fiberglass-skinned, insulated door is falling apart. The summer sun is high and the door is in shade here, as this picture shows, but the winter sun beats on it without mercy. And we get heavy, driving rains from the south that put in their licks too.

Ima fix that. Underneath these plywood protective covers are the holes for the footings which will support the new front entry cover. I'll pour the footings Monday or Tuesday.

Kevin at Arbogast Construction, in Mohave Valley, this last week welded my X-frames for the cover. Here they sit on my trailer. (They're upside-down.) Lots more pictures to follow in the next couple of weeks.

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