Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3D Drawing In AutoCAD

To build the front entry cover, I drew the conceptual plans and shop drawings for fabrication in 2D. Right now I'm learning about 3D drawing on AutoCAD, so the perfect practice was making a 3D drawing of my front entry cover, thusly:

Down in the lower right corner is where you choose "Workspace". Depending on the version, i.e., Revit, Architectural, Civil 3D, you'll need to change the Workspace to 3D Modeling.

This view is 2D Wireframe. I do most of the work in 2D Wireframe, which gives an isometric view. It crunches faster than the other view types.

Change the view to "Conceptual." That will give you a chingadera(sp?) on the right where you can change the view by clicking on the cube. You can also use an "Orbit" tool that allows you to view things from any angle.

And you can zoom in almost to the molecular level:

I learned how to do most of this by watching Jeremytf77's YouTube channel. E-mail me if you have AutoCAD 2010 or later and would like the drawing file.

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