Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Andromeda Galaxy

At about 3 a.m., the Andromeda Galaxy was at near-zenith (directly overhead), which is the best place to take a picture. (Shooting through less atmosphere.)

This is a 30-second shot at 3200 ISO, heavily edited in Nikon Capture. Heavy noise reduction, sharpening, and a small change in contrast. The warm temps of summer make for more noise in photos. Noise is graininess and colored pixels. There's a company that actually makes a little refrigerator that fits over your camera to keep it cool. No, I'm not anal enough to buy one.

Posted by Dave


  1. Hi Craig,

    Thanks. I try.

    I'll sure be glad when monsoon season is over. Not only is it hot(seldom dips below 100 degrees at night) and humid, but the damn clouds get in the way of my astro sessions. Especially bothersome now that I'm unemployed and looking for a little star action. I go to sleep late in the afternoon and wake up about midnight, ready to set the scope up.



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