Monday, August 20, 2012

The Dumbbell Nebula

In the Milky Way lies a constellation called Vulpecula, The Fox. In Vulpecula is one of the coolest nebulas visible from the Northern Hemisphere, The Dumbbell Nebula.

I pushed my camera and shot this for 30 seconds at 6400 ISO. I had to heavily edit this photo in Nikon Capture to get things looking this good. Noise reduction, contrast, white balance; you name it, I adjusted it. One of the things I couldn't edit out was the star trails. Even though I had a pretty good alignment, if I had used an autoguider, it would have been a better photo.

One thing about being a picky-britches, I'm always running up against the "weak link". Then I either fix or replace that weak link, after which I just run up against the next weak link. It never ends. I'm thinking about moving to a higher elevation so I can get better shots. Maybe a bigger scope. A better camera. Stop it, Dave.

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