Saturday, September 1, 2012

God Is In The Clouds

I am endlessly fascinated by the sky. Stars at night, clouds in the daytime. To take better pictures of sunrises and sunsets, I nosed around the Innertubes and discovered Gordon Laing. Here's one of his YouTubes. Double clicking will take you to full screen:

Lesson applied thusly to this cloud pic I shot two days ago:

Click to embignify. A little exposure compensation can throw some drama into a cloud pic.

I'm experimenting with Blogger display. I can now post big boy pictures without clipping the right side, but now my side panel overlaps a bit. I'm not sure if that's a Blogger problem or a Chrome problem. I'll keep screwing with it.

Update: By going into the HTML editor I can change the width and height of both pictures and YouTubes.

Posted by Dave


  1. Very nice picture.
    I am sure there will be some spectacular ones coming now!

  2. Hi Busted,

    Thanks, and I'm fixin' to post some more cloud pix right now.



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