Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missiles Over New Mexico

There I was, just mindin' me own business, when all of a sudden I look up and see this:

This is the military's version of Shooting Skeet; launch one missile and shoot it down with two others. While I was gaping at this, Mrs. UC went in the house and grabbed camera and tripod. In order to bring out the colors, you need to use exposure compensation. Here she used a -3.0 exposure compensation, which required a tripod for the longer exposure. Pretty wild colors.

Posted by Dave


  1. All I ever get to see is the lousy predator drone taking off. Very low when the wind is light. Right over my house (cough). Oh, and a pair of B-52s the other day. Were they lost, I wonder? Definitely a rare occurrence...

    1. Hi Craig,

      Earlier this year I worked within eye-and-ear-shot of Nellis AFB. B-52's as thick as flies, long lines of black helicopters with front 50 cal's, stealth bombers, fuelers, drones, you name it.

      When I lived in Las Vegas, it was common to see such wild missile vapor trails from launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base.



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