Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunshine And Daisies

It's hot where I live. Satan lives over on the next block. So wintertime, roughly from December to April, is the nicest time of the year, and lots of desert trees bloom in this lovely time.

This is a Shoestring Acacia. I think. The nursery that sold it to me said so. But it doesn't "weep" like most Shoestrings. Nevertheless, it thrives, and this beautiful tree is always the earliest and most profuse bloomer of our four Shoestrings.

Closeup. These fuzzy flowers will become long green pods filled with seeds. When they drop from the tree, the pods will cover the ground and be eagerly devoured by various critters.

But wait! Is this a predator, lurking in the greenery?

Nope. It's just Burt the Buzzard, who sticks with us through thick and thin, and has survived a couple of moves.

Posted by Dave


  1. I like Burt :) And those acacias kinda resemble/act like our mesquites...

    1. Hi Craig,

      We had an Argentinian Mesquite when we lived in Las Vegas that had 4"-long sharp needles. That Tree of Liberty was refreshed with my blood every time I trimmed it. :-)



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