Sunday, April 7, 2013


Ah, Spring! When the temps start hitting triple digits, the desert comes alive.

This little guy is on the smallish side of his species, so he must be young. The Giant Desert Hairy Scorpions are not as aggressive as some of the other varieties. Notice this one doesn't even have his tail raised at me.

A couple evenings after taking this scorpion's portrait, I took Charlie out to check the perimeter. As we walked out the front door I heard that distinctive "Sssssssss!" of a Sidewinder Rattlesnake. About a foot-and-a-half long. He was in a bush next to our front door, right underneath where the scorpion was earlier. After a sweep of the area, we had to wait a bit for the snake to leave the front entry. I was sorry I didn't have my camera. I trained my flashlight on him and watched him slide away.

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